Sleeping with the monkeys

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Since the first time I told people I was moving to Brazil, they’ve been asking me whether or not I’d be seeing any monkeys. “Only in the zoo,” was what I’d tell them, since I was going to live in São Bernardo do Campo, a city of a million, just outside of São Paulo city, which has about 11 million. But after being here just over a year now, I was surprised that I had the chance to see monkeys, not just in the zoo, but in their natural habitat! We went camping in Cotia (at a place we call the Kabana), which is just barely outside of São Paulo city, and we were lucky enough to see these little guys in the trees above us. They’re called sagui, and they’re on the small end of the monkey spectrum, although they still have very long tails. They don’t exactly come right up to you (they’re a bit shy), but they’re curious enough that they don’t run away when you walk closer to them either. Apparently there are about 10 of them who live in that little spot where we were camping, but I saw about three at a time. (Next time we go out there I’ll bring a real camera. These pictures were taken with a cellphone.)


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  1. It was beautiful to see them there. Great post Jillzinha!

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