Party like it’s 1999

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Hi everyone! I’ve been away, I know, for far too long, so I thought I’d give you all a little update about something I got to check out last night. I don’t think I’ve ever told you much about the nightlife here in Sao Paulo, so now is the time!

Bars here don’t close. Well, they must close at some point, but I’ve never actually been around to see it happen. People go dancing until well past dawn, and there’s no last call. There are some great places along Rua Augusta, which is just off of Avenida Paulista (like the Yonge Street of Sao Paulo). It’s similar to Queen West, but with a little more variety in terms of the type of people who frequent it. The majority are definitely 20-something, but they come to see every type of show and to listen to every type of music. My favourite places are Studio SP (for live music) and Inferno (for DJs and dancing). And if you just want to sit back and relax with a beer and some munchies, The Pub is the place to go. (It’s an English pub run by an actual Englishman.) Or if you’re straying from Augusta and want to meet more foreigners (or gringos, as we’re called here), head over to O’Malley’s on Alameda Itu.

One thing to remember if you’re ever out at night in Sao Paulo: Every bar, pub and club charges cover. It’s usually slightly more for guys, and can run anywhere from R$10 to R$50. Some places offer a deal too, where you pay something like R$50 for cover and for as many drinks as you want, so if you’re going to putting a lot away, it’s worth it.

They had that deal at a new place I checked out last night (well, new to me, and I didn’t fork over the R$50, just R$10 for cover), although this one isn’t on Augusta. If you head over to Rua Bela Cintra (not that far away), you’ll find a place that looks like a little house called FunHouse. There’s a bar up front, a dancefloor at the back, and a staircase that leads upstairs to another small bar and a lounge area with a teeny tiny balcony. It’s definitely a cozy place, but that’s part of what makes it great. It’s like being at someone’s house party, but with 1920s-style carnival decorations and better music. I danced until 4:30am, but the place was still packed when I left, and I’m sure the party went on and into the wee hours of the morning. It comes highly recommended by yours truly, if you’re up for the late nights (early mornings?) of Sao Paulo partying.

*I almost forgot! Another great place that’s similar to FunHouse is DJ Club, on Alameda Franca. It’s a three floor dance party, though, so you’ll have a few more dark corners to explore. (But don’t actually do that. You’ll come across things you don’t want to see.)*

Photos courtesy of the FunHouse website.


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