São Paulo Fashion Week with FLARE

Photo by Sergio Borelli

Hi readers! Sorry I’ve been away for so long. You see, I’ve been a little busy covering São Paulo Fashion Week for FLARE magazine’s wonderful Fashion Blog. It was a fabulous (and tiring) six days, which you can read all about here (with photos by Sergio Borelli). That said, I was thinking, since I loved covering fashion week so much and discovered so many great things, places and people while I was there, that I would give you all some Brazilian fashion and design updates on this blog. Thoughts? Love it? Hate it? (I’m hoping for love.) To start things off, I’m actually going to give you some of my new favourite fashion blogs, not necessarily out of Brazil, but by people who were at SPFW:

Blog Couture (This one is in Spanish, but even if you can’t read it, you can look at the pretty pictures.)

Face Hunter


And also, a couple of wonderful Brazilian designers:

Ronaldo Fraga

Fernanda Yamamoto


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