It’s getting hot in here

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Today, São Paulo is hot (more specifically, São Bernardo do Campo, although I’m sure the rest of the state is just as smoldering). We have an expected high of 37 degrees Celsius, and I’m sure we’ve already reached that. January is the dead of summer here, which is odd for me, because I’m used to it being the dead of winter. And it’s humid. It’s not like North American summer. Most places don’t have air conditioning, and that includes cars. It’s the exact opposite of the town I come from. Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada, is currently sitting at a chilly -32 degrees Celsius. Its air is crisp and snow crunches under your feet. It’s 69 degrees colder there than it is here. So what do you prefer? Thirty degrees below or above zero?

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One response to “It’s getting hot in here

  1. I definitely prefer thirty above, thank you!

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