The Social Network

Lately I’ve been searching for a job. Oh, who am I kidding? I’ve been searching for a job since I got to Brazil eight months ago. It was hard at first because I was initially looking in hopes that someone would like me enough to sponsor me for a work visa. (Note to anyone considering doing this in Brazil: DO NOT.) Now that getting my work permit and a slew of other papers is coming to a close (thank God!), I can look for a job the same way anyone else does in Brazil. And apparently that’s not through scouring the internet for job posts. There are some good sites, like Catho Online, but a lot of jobs are found through networking. It’s not what you know in Brazil, it’s who you know. Unfortunately, I don’t know too many people here yet. So, does anyone have any words of wisdom for me? Fabulous advice on how to meet the right people? Funny anecdotes about how you got your dream job? Share, please!


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