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After telling you all about Paul McCartney, I realized I should introduce you to some of my favourite Brazilian bands. There’s some great stuff going on down here but, unfortunately, it’s tough for bands to make it all the way to the ears of North Americans. So, here are some recommendations, from my ears to yours:

1. Los Hermanos — This rock band out of Rio is one of my absolute favourites. Sadly, I discovered them after they’d already gone on an “extended hiatus.” But that doesn’t mean you can’t check them out! (They have four albums. And you never know. They didn’t say they “broke up.” And they did just play a single show at the SWU festival in October here in Sao Paulo.) You might not understand a word they’re saying (if you need a translation, just ask me and I’ll do my best), but you’ll love them regardless. Take a look at a few of my favourite videos, here, here and here (this one was a big hit).

2. Little Joy — Los Hermanos may be on hiatus, but singer Rodrigo Amarante isn’t slowing down. He has another project with L.A. singer Binki Shapiro and Fabrizio Moretti, who you might know from a little band called The Strokes. I’m sure you’ve already heard them before, so just enjoy them again here and here.

3. Garotas Suecas — I just discovered this band this week, and I absolutely love them. They have a real knack for taking traditional Brazilian music, like bossa nova (made famous by the wonderful Tom Jobim), and giving it a splash of ’60s-style soul. They’ve recently completed a US tour and signed with American Dust, so if you’re lucky, they’ll head back north again sometime soon. And speaking of luck, Garotas Suecas just released a new album called Escaldante Banda, and it’s available to download for free!


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  1. Caio

    It’s important to know thar back in the 2000’s, while George Harrison was recording his last album ever, he heard “Anna Julia” and said: Hey, this is the song the Beatles should have had recorded! But yeah… nowadays, nobody likes this song anymore. Too played everywhere.

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