Asian invasion

Delicious grape juice (despite its name).

One of my favourite neighbourhoods here in São Paulo city is called Liberdade. It’s like Toronto’s Chinatown, but it’s Japanese instead of Chinese (there is a large Japanese community in Brazil because of post-war immigration). It’s a vibrant place, full of people walking the sidewalks, which have Japanese-style lanterns hanging over them as streetlamps. It’s where I find great origami paper and some of my favourite things to eat (yakisoba, udon noodles, gyozas and wasabi peas). It’s also where I can get the only grape juice I’ve ever really liked, which comes in the little can pictured above. “Grape Juice with Sac” (which actually happens to be made in South Korea) might sound like something you’d generally avoid drinking, but I’m pretty sure “sac” refers to the fact that there are a couple of little grapes inside the can with the juice. Somebody must have used Google Translator for that one…

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