Which shows are you tuning in to?

Lots of people ask me if we get American TV shows in Brazil and what Brazilian shows are like. There are plenty of American shows here (every variety of Law & Order, Bones, Criminal Minds, The Simpsons, Family Guy, House and on and on and on…). As for the Brazilian programs, what I’ve noticed the most is that there are a lot of talk and variety shows (some good, some not so good). But the biggest surprise for me when I turned on the TV was how many Canadian programs Brazil airs. From Instant Star and Heartland, to The Tudors and Rookie Blue, Canadian shows are popular fare. Apparently people don’t differentiate much between American and Canadian here, but for me, it’s nice to watch something and see the CTV logo as the credits roll. (I also assume Brazil picks up Canadian shows because the price tag is much cheaper.)


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