It’s Mario!

Pizza Box Mario

I love Canadian pizza. I also happen to love Brazilian pizza. It’s like what Canadians would consider gourmet pizza, but it’s just the usual delivery pie here in Brazil. Speaking of pie, they even make dessert pizza here! (I’m a big fan of chocolate and banana or chocolate and coconut.)

At this point, you’re probably wondering why I’m talking about pizza. Well, the little Italian guy you see above came with the delivery man once! Mario‘s little cardboard parts were all over the lid of the pizza box (which is round in Brazil), complete with dotted lines to fold on and flaps to glue him together. What a great way to get people to keep ordering from your pizzaria! (Side note: This pizza was from Embu, a city built on its arts community and where you can buy pretty much anything handmade.)


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  1. Seema


    Please excuse the all caps. Mario is worthy of that.

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