A post about the post (a.k.a. mail)

Here in Brazil, I live in a small suburb city called Sao Bernardo do Campo (population: 788,560 according to the municipal government’s website). It’s right near the big kahuna, Sao Paulo, and its almost 11 million inhabitants. I love being in the thick of things, but I also love my neighbourhood in Sao Bernardo and all the little things that make it feel homey and inviting (not that it’s by any means small-town living). And one of the first of these little things I’d like to introduce you to is… drum roll, please… MAILBOXES! Okay, so you’ve obviously seen mailboxes before, but not ones like these! Mailboxes here are either built into the wall surrounding a house, or they’re attached to the inside or top of the gate in front of a house. They come in all types of shapes, sizes and designs, and I can’t get enough of them.



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2 responses to “A post about the post (a.k.a. mail)

  1. Seema

    I’ve always wanted a cool mailbox at home, but there’s no need for one. 😦

  2. We live in a condo complex, so I don’t have one of these cool mailboxes either. Maybe someday…

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