Welcome welcome! (Or bem-vindo, if you’re from my new home.)

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I have been a delinquent blogger. But I’ll post regularly now, I swear! (And my absence has been for a good reason. I’ve been busy adjusting, exploring and trying to get things started for myself. You forgive me, right?) So, after being in Sao Paulo, Brazil, for almost four and a half months now, welcome! I’ll be doing a lot more writing in the future, but to get things rolling, I’m going to give you all a bit of a photo montage, because there’s no way to sum up multiple months in one post. These certainly don’t represent everything I’ve seen and done so far. They’re just a little snapshot. And that’s really what this blog is all about anyway. Interesting little things, occurrences, observations, oddities. So here’s your first look! I hope you’ll come back again. (You really should. I’m going to talk about things like finding a can of Campbell’s soup for $10 reais and the man at the front desk of my Portuguese school who I could only communicate with through hand actions. You don’t want to miss that, do you?)


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4 responses to “Welcome welcome! (Or bem-vindo, if you’re from my new home.)

  1. Looks like quite an adventure…

  2. It sure has been an adventure so far. I’m glad you guys are both reading already!

  3. Paul

    hehehe ! I love it ! I might be visiting your new home country soon Jill ! 😀

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